Helsinki City Pass

Helsinki Citypass – Comprehensive city adventure with one card!

Welcome to the unique city of Helsinki and choose Helsinki Citypass as your travel partner! Citypass is an all-inclusive card that opens the door to the city's best attractions, means of transportation and experiences effortlessly and affordably. Whether you're a first-timer in the city or a local resident, Helsinki Citypass offers an unforgettable adventure and Top Benefits in one package.

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What does an activated Helsinki Citypass include:

  1. Royal Line Sightseeing: Discover Helsinki from the sea on Royal Line's popular sightseeing cruises completely free of charge!

  2. City Tour Hop-On Hop-Off: Get to know the city easily with our Hop-On Hop-Off buses. Headphones and commentary on the bus. Free for Citypass users!

  3. Hsl Public traffic ticket in the ABC zone
  1. Attractions: Access to the most popular attractions for free or at great discounts! Visit the magnificent Suomenlinna Castle, enjoy the wonderful views on the SkyWheel Helsinki and explore the Design Museon art center for art and culture lovers.

  2. Tours: Take part in guided tours and gain in-depth knowledge of Suomenlinna's history, culture and interesting stories.

  3. Discounts and benefits: You get discounts on selected restaurants, shops, attractions and activities. Enjoy the city not only through the sights but also through the local flavors and lifestyles.

How does it work:

  1. From the card options, choose the Citypass that suits the length of your trip and your needs.

  2. Activate the card the first time you use it in an activity or attraction.

  3. The card is valid according to the selected date and period.

Helsinki Citypass makes your trip effortless, versatile and unforgettable. Save time and money and experience Helsinki in the best possible light with one convenient card. Whether your goal is to get to know the culture, see wonderful landscapes or feast on the delicious food culture, Helsinki Citypass is the key to the city's diversity and experiences. Buy a card today and go on an unforgettable city adventure in Helsinki!