Archipelago destinations

Visits to the archipelago for groups

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Päivitämme tähän seuraavan kauden 2024 risteilyohjelman syksyn aikana.

Groups and companies

Versatile cruises for groups

The popular memorable company parties organized among your own entourage as well as birthday parties and other anniversary and family celebration cruises on Royal Line's high-class restaurant ships in the wonderful archipelago are organized with 75 years of cruise experience.

It is also possible to carry out transports to maritime banquet facilities on ships.

Groups and companies

Restaurant services

Delicious food prepared on site by the ship's own professional chefs. High quality, freshness and locality are key, taking into account allergies and special diets. In addition, the drink list consists of comprehensive international quality wines and trendy refreshments. Ships have full serving rights.

Groups and companies

Archipelago destinations

Experiential island cruises tailored for different groups are organized privately on our own ship, from various business events to birthday parties. An archipelago cruise on your own ship is a relaxed way to enjoy a comfortable time together, wonderful archipelago scenery and, if you wish, delicious food from the ship's own kitchen.

A visit to the island can be added to the private charter cruise. There are several destination options for an archipelago cruise in Helsinki, e.g. Suomenlinna, Vallisaari and Lonna. Destinations in Espoo's Suvisaari include e.g. Pentala, Gåsgrund and Iso-Vasikkasaari. Visits are organized either independently or with a guide.

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From 1945 to today

It all started with a small wooden Annikki

In 1945, Jaakko Rautakorpi started archipelago traffic by acquiring the wooden m/s Annikki. Due to the shortage, the ship operated on wood gas. Traffic started on the route from Ruoholahti to Vehkasaari, located off Westend. The passengers were mainly summer residents working in the city, they left for Ruoholahti in the morning and returned to the island in the evening. The ship spent the night on the island, as did Jaakko and his family.