DJ on board!

As an additional service, we offer the opportunity to bring a professional DJ with you on your cruise, so that you can enjoy the music and atmosphere to the fullest during your sea voyage. Whether it's a relaxing afternoon in the sun or a lively evening among colleagues, the DJ will create just the right musical background to suit your occasion perfectly.

By choosing us as the organizer of your private cruise, you get the opportunity to add the DJ service to your reservation, which makes your trip an even more memorable and unique experience. Come along and let us create the perfect cruise experience with you, where the music plays just the way you want!

From €450.

Karaoke equipment by booking M/s King

Do you want to make your private cruise even more fun and unique? As an additional service, we offer the possibility to bring a karaoke system on board your cruise M/s King! This means you can sing and entertain yourself and other passengers with a karaoke party throughout the journey.

Taking karaoke equipment on a cruise gives you and your party the opportunity to enjoy music in your own way. Whether it's classics, current hit songs or your own favorite songs, the karaoke system gives you the opportunity to step into the spotlight of the stage and have a great time together.

Only available on board M/s King.

The official guide

We want to make your private cruises even more informative and interesting by offering an official and professional guide for the trip as an additional service. The guide can tell you, for example, about the interesting history of Helsinki, the area's culture and significant attractions, or go deeper to tell you more about the island destination you have chosen and its history, nature and culture.

A professional guide will add an extra dimension to your cruise, providing valuable information and fascinating stories about the destinations you visit. He can answer your questions, provide background information and help you better understand the places you visit. Whether your trip is an educational tour of historical sites or a deep dive into the archipelago's cultural heritage, the presence of a guide guarantees a rich and memorable experience.

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