Contract terms

Royal Line Oy's order conditions and transport conditions apply to the services. Royal Line Oy's order conditions can be seen on Royal Line Oy's website . Royal Line Oy's transport conditions are available from Royal Line Oy's office. Royal Line Oy's liability is limited according to the Finnish Maritime Act .


The customer must cancel the confirmed order in writing to Royal Line Oy's office. A confirmed reservation can be canceled at least 45 days before the cruise date without cancellation fees. We reserve the right to €50 office expenses .

If the cancellation occurs 45–14 days before the cruise date, we charge 25% of the services as cancellation costs. If the cancellation takes place between 13 and 2 days before the cruise date, we charge 75% of the services as cancellation costs. For cancellations that take place later than 48 hours, we will charge the full price of the services as cancellation fees .

If the reservation involves a partner outside of Royal Line Oy, the cancellation conditions of each partner will be followed separately .


In order to confirm the preliminary reservation, the customer must confirm the billing information. Royal Line Oy sends all invoices electronically. The customer must confirm for invoicing :

·company or association ID number ,

·postal address ,

·possible reference information needed for the invoice and

·the company's online invoicing information (OVT ID and operator/broker) .

If the booker of the charter cruise is an individual, the cruise and food will be invoiced in advance 14 days before the cruise. The postal address and email address to which the invoice is sent are sufficient as invoicing information .

The ship charter or the portion of the minimum charge of the cruise package is always billed to the customer in accordance with the cancellation conditions. Other expenses must be paid by card payment on the ship at the end of the cruise. Alternatively, other expenses can be invoiced after the cruise from companies and associations with a y-ID. The payment method is agreed in advance with the sales service. Invoices have a 14-day payment term .

Beverage services

All our ships have full drinking rights and consuming your own drinks on board is not allowed .

The price of the cruise and meals does not include any drinks unless otherwise stated. For the cruise, the drinks served according to the customer's wishes are reserved in advance according to the list, in addition to which the ship's basic selection of wines, mild alcohols and non-alcoholic refreshments is available on board. Drinks can be added to the invoice of the company or association, or alternatively, participants can also buy drinks at their own expense from the ship's bar. All drinks are charged according to actual consumption .


All final details of the charter cruise must be confirmed no later than Friday, which is two (2) weeks before the date of the cruise or at another time agreed with the sales office. Information to be confirmed includes :

·binding number of participants ,

·catering (menu and its additional information) ,

·beverage services, special diets and

·other additional information and services