A beautiful sea burial

Burial at sea


We offer a burial at sea for your loved one in Helsinki and Espoo. Sea cremation is a beautiful way to remember the deceased whenever loved ones are by the sea. Sea burial is also an affordable alternative to traditional burial, because there are no maintenance costs for the grave.

We leave for the cruise from the port of Helsinki or Espoo at the agreed berth at the agreed time. We cross calmly to the cremation area, where the precious cremation takes place. A submersible urn can also be used.

Suitable places can be found in both Helsinki and Espoo. Royal Line has several representative ships for burial at sea, from a few people to several ten people. Total duration 2-2½ hours.

After the burial at sea, a beautiful memorial service can be held on board. There are several different and affordable coffee, soup and lunch options starting at €15/person. Prices include serving and VAT. The total duration is then 3 hours.

Through us you can book a musical performance and flower decorations suitable for a beautiful occasion.

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Royal Line Oy

From 1945 to today

It all started with a small wooden Annik

In 1945, Jaakko Rautakorpi started archipelago traffic by acquiring the wooden m/s Annik. Due to the shortage, the ship operated on wood gas. Traffic started on the route from Ruoholahti to Vehkasaari, located off Westend. The passengers were mainly summer residents working in the city, they left for Ruoholahti in the morning and returned to the island in the evening. The ship spent the night on the island, as did Jaakko and his family.