The season continues in September and October!

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You still have time to experience the wonderful Helsinki Archipelago and our delicious food.

Autumn has arrived in Helsinki, and Royal Line continues to offer unforgettable cruises on the wonderful waters of Helsinki. During September and October, you can enjoy both lunch and dinner departures, from tours departing from the market square to sparkling brunch cruises. Join us to experience the autumnal beauty of Helsinki from the sea!

Autumn Sunset and Sea Artifacts

The beauty of Helsinki is highlighted especially in autumn, when the sunsets are reflected on the surface of the sea. Royal Line offers the opportunity to experience this magnificent sight on a cruise, be it a lunch or dinner cruise. You can choose to depart in the morning or later in the day, whichever suits your schedule best.

Lunch and Dinner cruises from the Market Square

Lunch and Dinner cruises are a great way to enjoy delicious meals while admiring the beauty of Helsinki's coast. Cruises departing from the Market Square offer an easy way to join the experience. Choose a time that suits you and get ready to enjoy the fresh sea air while enjoying delicious food.

Sparkling Brunch Outings on weekends

Autumn isn't just about evening twilight and dark days - it can also be sparkling and fresh! Royal Line's sparkling brunch departures offer a cozy way to start the weekend. Enjoy a delicious brunch, bubbly sparkling wine and at the same time admire Helsinki's cityscape. With the two weekend brunch cruises, you can treat yourself to luxury in a maritime environment.

Welcome to Autumn Luxury at Sea

Autumn cruises on Royal Line offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in a luxurious atmosphere while enjoying Helsinki's wonderful scenery from the sea. Choose the departure time you like and enjoy delicious meals, sparkling sparkling wine and amazing views. The lunch and dinner cruises departing from the market square, as well as the effervescent brunch cruises organized on weekends, offer options for every taste.

Welcome to enjoy autumn in maritime luxury! Check out the departures on the product-specific pages!